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The Great MHS Alumni Get-Together
The first ever Get-Together of MHS alumni was held at Archie's in Sabraton on Saturday night March 24th, 2001.  By the time everyone was added up including spouses, family and friends there were nearly 40 people there representing MHS classes from 1967 thru 81. Alumni traveled as far as from California, Utah, and the East coast to attend this event. It was a really enjoyable event and plans are in the works for a second to take place in Fall, 2000.  Stay tuned to announcements of this event at

Karaoke was the entertainment for the evening, which I was frankly somewhat skeptical about having endured listening to drunken would be singers butchering great music, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the singers at Archie's including MHS's own Fred Powell, '71 and a St. Francis import Jim Matuga, husband of Kim Zanotti, '81.

Special thanks to Brad Headley, '72 and Wilma Miles, '71 for organizing this event.

Kim  Wilma Jeannei Pat Debby Fred Jeannei     Pat      Debby   Brad

Wilma and Fred doing Bad to             Dave   Isa      Hillbilly   Jeannei
the Bone

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