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Old Days
These are pictures from days gone by.

Embarking on a fishing trip to Laurel Run, near Coopers Rock, WV about 1967.
No helmets, no spandex, mostly single speed bikes with coaster brakes.
Gilbert Dalton, Charles Grubb. Brian Johnston               Brian            Gilbert       Charlie

        Gilbert        Charlie               Brian                                 Charlie       Gilbert        Me
           Cheat Lake in . background
        Brian        Gilbert      Charlie                                        Bike  Brian  Pump  Charlie  Wall
                                    Brian                                               Big Rock    Charlie   Whitewater (no fish)
We rode our bikes everywhere..tho in West Virginia we spent more time pushing our bikes up hill than we did riding back down the other side...sometimes just for fun, sometimes going fishing tho I think we never caught anything which was surprising considering Charlie and Gilbert were good fishermen.  I remember going with Gibby to somewhere out near Sterling Farms to go fishing and remember we froze our butts that night even tho it was summertime.  None of us had cars so if we wanted to go it was either  walk or bike.   Many nights we all gathered at the Johnston's place on  Grand Street and walked out to Suburban Lanes cutting across the old Morgantown Country Club golf course (now the WVU  Law School and the Stadium) and walked back and thought nothing of it....nowadays if one sees 4-6 teenage boys in an group they look like gang members.

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