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Personal  Info and Family Pics                                        
                             Me    0ct0ber 17,2000

My name is Erick Sizer. This my first web page effort and it is a lot of fun. I just keep messing with it. The page started cuz I needed a place to show pictures of items I had for sale on EBAY. That hasn't worked out too well and now that Ebay has changed its format, allowing sellers to load pictures directly to EBAY it is no longer necessary. So I have changed the focus to food that I like and now, as a repository for pictures of MHS alumni from the Morgantown High School Forum which I host on Delphi.

I'm 52,  a widower after 24 years of marriage, recently had my left leg amputated below the knee  after a two year battle with a series of infections and a broken ankle that wouldn't heal. At the moment I'm not working so I have lots of time to do these pages.

I have one son and 3 granddaughters. I live in a motorhome on the lot where my son and his wife and kids live. We all live about a mile from the Pacific Ocean in Oceanside, California...but the weather in Oceanside was entirely too nice so we all moved to Buffalo, NY...and I will move to Motown the weather in Buffalo is too extreme for my sensitivity..and they don't speak pepperoni rolls here.

I'm using a computer I built myself. I have my A+ as a computer technician. Started building computers about 1992. I have an AA in Flexible Manufacturing Systems from Palomar Community College in San Marcos, CA.

In another life, I was certified by the State of California as a Water Treatment Plant Operator, Pesticide Applicator; by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners as a Hypnotherapist; by Kirby Hensley (himself) as a minister in the Universal Life Church.


         My son Erick                                         My Grandaughters

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